Our carbon footprint in 2022

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Clean power December 9, 2022


This is one of our achievements to date in the development of electric mobility and in the fight against fossil fuels. ✅

Like other players in the energy transition, DREAM ENERGY Mobility is actively committed to greener mobility. 🌱

Today, thanks to our charge points powered by our 100% renewable and local electricity, we have succeeded in:
➡️ Avoiding 286,983 km of distances to be covered by thermal vehicles, thus avoiding the consumption of 19,607 liters of fuel.
➡️ Contributing to the fight against climate change by avoiding the release of more than 50,139 kg of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

We believe that we can change the world by making electric mobility the number one choice for motorists. In fact, that's our daily goal at Dream Energy. 💪

These results are the mark of a great progress, we can only congratulate the work of our teams and the choice of our dear electromobilist friends who give meaning to the environmental commitment of our brand. 👏👏

Source: Charging station usage data.

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