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Photovoltaic power plants

Dream Energy has been installing and operating photovoltaic power plants on buildings throughout France since 2007.

Thanks to its expertise in the design, installation and operation of photovoltaic power plants, Dream Energy generates renewable electricity from the roofs of buildings and bare land.

Since its inception, Dream Energy has supported the transformation of building stock by designing positive-energy buildings that produce more electricity than they consume.

Our photovoltaic power plants are coupled with storage systems to deliver energy at the right time.

By designing storage systems to back up our photovoltaic power plants, Dream Energy limits the intermittency of its production and can supply electricity when we need it most.

Our photovoltaic power plants in France

Aix-en-Provence - Rubis

Aix-en-Provence - Panoramic

Bachasson - Arteparc

Lille-Lesquin - Arteparc

Meyreuil - Arteparc

Meyreuil - Victory

Meyreuil - Shed

Nice - Le Silo

Sophia-Antipolis - Arteparc

Our hydraulic power plants

Dream Energy has been rehabilitating and operating hydropower plants throughout France since 2011.

Dream Energy applies its know-how across the entire hydropower value chain. We are both installers of existing projects and those to be renovated, as well as developers of engineering services for the repowering of our power plants.

We carry out and finance the corresponding works and operate these plants with the help of our subsidiaries AIS ENERGIES and EMJ as well as our local employees.

Since 2011, we have gained experience and know-how in the field by working on several projects at different stages of renovation and regulatory compliance.

Our first hydroelectric plant went into operation in 2011, and since then we've acquired some twenty other plants, for a total capacity of around 15 MW by the end of 2023.

Dream Energy rehabilitates and optimizes the productivity of dams throughout France

Dream Energy is positioned as an integrated player (prospecting, development, financing, construction/rehabilitation, operation) that designs hydroelectric power generation facilities with the aim of optimizing the available resource while taking into account the specific constraints of each site (biodiversity, architectural heritage, other uses, etc.).

Dream Energy carries out Repowering on its hydroelectric power plants (the principle being to partially or totally replace parts of the production plant). This generally involves optimizing resource capture at the water intake (modifying the grid layout, installing automatic screens, etc.), renovating electrical installations and, above all, installing site automation.

Dream Energy is also able to deliver fully refurbished turnkey plants, such as the Perrigny-sur-l'Ognon hydroelectric power station, whose output increased from 0.9 GWh before renovation to 2.3 GWh after refurbishment.

Our hydraulic power plants in France







Moulin du Pont


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