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DREAM ENERGY is a major player in the energy transition by being a supplier of 100% renewable electricity (solar and hydraulic). Its energy production being superior to the consumption of its charging stations, the energy supplied is guaranteed 100% renewable!

To find a DREAM ENERGY charging station, we invite you to visit the charging network referral applications. There are several, including Freshmile & Chargemap.

There are 3 ways to pay to recharge at a DREAM ENERGY station:

- Via the QR code displayed that you can scan on the kiosk and that sends you to the DREAM ENERGY application
- Via a credit card by choosing the direct payment method
- Via an RFID badge

There are many charging applications for electric vehicles.

Here are some examples: Chargemap, Freshmile, Kiwi Pass, Plugsurfing etc.

By credit card, your phone number will be requested to send you your receipt.
The QR code & the RFID card allow you to identify yourself directly from the recharge applications, so you will receive your invoice directly on them.

Visit the DREAM ENERGY website or a supercharger network listing application such as FRESHMILE or CHARGEMAP.

A recharge costs 0.59 € /kWh. If the vehicle occupies the station when the recharge is finished, an extra charge will be applied.

No, the terminals are equipped with integrated cables.

The available connectors are :

- Type 2 connector: for charging up to 22 kW
- Chademo connector: for charging up to 120 kW
- Type Combo / CCS connector: for charging up to 300 kW

It all depends on the charging capacity of your vehicle and the charging station used.
For example, if you have a Peugeot e-208 that has a 100 kW charging capacity you can charge it from 20 to 80% in 30 min.
The 300 kW superchargers can recharge your Tesla in 20 minutes.

Yes, of course. The charging stations have been designed to ensure that your charging in bad weather is safe.

The charging stations are suitable for charging any electric vehicle.

A surcharge will be applied.

Truck parking is available at some DREAM ENERGY stations (see referral map).

If you are in a truck space, you do not have to unhook your trailer.
If you are on a standard 5 m long space, you will have to unhook it.

Uncontrolled fast charging can damage the battery.
However, the vehicle adapts to the power received and therefore maintains an acceptable battery life.

Please refer to the manufacturer's manual which can guide you to emergency solutions.

You can refer to the charging network maps on the referenced applications or on the DREAM ENERGY application.

Yes, of course. One charging station is equivalent to 2 charging points. Two vehicles can therefore be charged at the same time.

You will be notified when your car is 80% charged:
- by SMS if you pay by credit card
- or you will receive a notification if you are identified (don't forget to activate the notifications on your smartphone).

No, the electric vehicles and the terminals are perfectly waterproof. Means have been put in place to avoid electrocution: circuit breaker (automatically controlled electrical switch), electrical insulators, ...

Our terminals are equipped with Type 2 AC connectors that can deliver up to 22 kW.

To stop charging, simply select the charging point used on the terminal screen and click on "Stop charging".
If the charge was initiated by credit card, simply swipe the card on the payment terminal.
If the charge was initiated by a badge, simply swipe the badge on the RFID reader.
If the charge was launched via a QR code, you will have to connect to the application to stop the charge.

Each vehicle has an accepted power. Renault ZOE can reach 22 kW on a T2 socket and 50 kW on a Combo CCS socket.

Yes, our kiosks are accessible via many operators. It is possible to charge with another badge or another application.

Send a complaint e-mail to contact@dream-energy.fr

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