Electricity supply contract

Renewable energy supplier

Since 2016, Dream Energy has been a supplier of electricity, enabling the electricity produced for its charging stations and its parent company's real estate assets to be put to good use. We also offer electricity supply contracts for professionals in France.

Energy storage

Dream Energy deploys electricity storage systems to optimize its renewable electricity production and contribute to the relief of the electrical grid. The batteries are deployed on hydro and photovoltaic power plants, as well as in charging stations.

Energy supply

Dream Energy has the ability to supply its own electricity to its business customers and to the charging stations it operates.


Dream Energy has an expertise in the design and operation of smartgrids within building complexes and charging stations. These smartgrids optimize local electricity production and consumption thanks to storage technologies andenergy management systems, offering high levels of energy autonomy.

Supercharger station operator

Dream Energy deploys throughout France and Europe a network of supercharger stations with charging stations offering a charging power of up to 300 kW to recharge your vehicle in less than 20 minutes.

Station Designer

Dream Energy designs and develops charging stations with a turnkey offer for landowners: feasibility studies, contracting, administrative authorizations and construction.


Dream Energy fully finances the stations it develops and operates them. It manages billing, supervision and customer relations.


Dream Energy ensures the maintenance of these charging stations in order to guarantee an optimal availability of service. The predictive and curative maintenance are directly carried out by Dream Energy's technical teams, with the support of its partner Siemens' teams.

How does it work ?

Locate a station

Locate a station

Find all our available stations through the Dream Energy App or any other location app.

Charge your vehicle

Charge your vehicle

Park on an available place and plug in the appropriate connector for your vehicle (CCS / CHAdeMO / type 2 available at the station).

Pay by credit card/subscription

Pay by credit card/subscription

Use your credit card, your RFID badge or the Dream Energy App to pay for your recharge.

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Dream Energy is a producer and supplier of 100% green electricity. The company currently owns 70 hydroelectric and photovoltaic power plants in France, producing several tens of GWh on a continuous basis. In particular, we operate run-of-river hydroelectric plants in the heart of France. At all times, we ensure strictly low-carbon sourcing.

As a complement to photovoltaic power plants, hydroelectric power plants offer the advantage of producing more electricity with the same power, and more continuously. These power plants draw their electricity from the force of moving water, which comes from local streams. This characteristic gives them virtually continuous production capacity, 24 hours a day, most of the year.

In Europe, the electricity market is open to competition for producers and suppliers. A producer is a player who owns and operates electricity production units and injects electrons into the public electricity grid (via Enedis and RTE). A supplier is responsible for selling electricity to professional and/or private consumers, sourcing it from producers. The supplier profession is regulated and requires a license.
Dream Energy is both a producer and a supplier, sourcing most of its electricity from its own hydroelectric and photovoltaic plants.

Being a producer and supplier means being sure of benefiting from a model that runs from production to consumption.

No, Dream Energy is for business customers only.

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