Energy transition for businesses: The benefits of the LOM law and Dream Energy solutions

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Clean power June 12, 2023

Find out more about the deadlines and obligations imposed by the LOM law on companies and property owners in France, and how the solutions offered by Dream Energy can simplify your compliance and ease your energy transition.

What does the LOM law say?

Since its enactment in 2019, the Loi d'Orientation des Mobilités (LOM) has set ambitious targets for energy transition in the automotive sector. Its main objective is to achieve carbon neutrality in transport by 2050. In addition, it obliges landowners to install charging stations, and requires companies to respect a minimum percentage of clean vehicles when renewing their fleets each year. At Dream Energy, we are fully aware of the importance of this legislation and offer customized solutions to help companies meet LOM deadlines and obligations, while reducing their carbon footprint.

Who is affected by the LOM law?

The LOM law emphasizes social, societal and environmental dimensions, forcing companies to rethink their employees' commuting habits and encouraging landowners (with the exception of SMEs) to install charging stations.

  • Before January 1, 2025

For new buildings or major renovations, the law requires that 20% of parking spaces be pre-equipped for the installation of charging stations.

  • From January 1, 2025

From this date, 5% of parking spaces must be equipped with charging stations (i.e. one electrified space for every 20 parking spaces).

  • From 2026

If your parking lot is larger than 1500m², you are required by law to install photovoltaic shading on half of it. However, this obligation does not apply to SMEs with sales of less than 50 million euros or a balance sheet exceeding 43 million euros, and fewer than 250 employees.

Why equip your site with ultra-fast charging stations?

Inadequate public recharging network

Electrification of the vehicle fleet is essential, but charging infrastructures need to keep pace. This is true not only in urban areas, but also in shops, hotels and transit areas, where private individuals and professionals seek charging points for their journeys.

Offer an additional service that generates traffic

With ultra-fast charging stations, you offer your visitors the chance to charge their vehicles in just a few minutes, adding an extra service that can attract new customers and increase traffic to your business.

Meeting guests' need for autonomy in hotels

Ultra-fast charging stations enable your customers to charge their vehicles in just a few minutes, giving them the autonomy they need on the move. By offering this service, you improve customer satisfaction and enhance the appeal of your establishment.

How do you choose the right partner for your electrification project?

Opt for a company that controls its electricity production

In today's energy context, it's essential to work with a partner capable of producing, supplying and operating charging stations based on renewable energies. By working with Dream Energy, you benefit from a stable charging price, a secure and guaranteed supply of renewable energy, and transparent remuneration.

Choose a turnkey solution at no extra cost

Dream Energy offers a turnkey solution, taking care of the design, maintenance and operation of the charging station. This solution costs you nothing, while offering stability and reliability for your stores. Dream Energy has partnered with Siemens to deploy the powerful, user-friendly and robust Sicharge D supercharging station in France.

Generate additional income

By installing a Dream Energy station in your parking lot, you can welcome new customers while generating additional income. Dream Energy pays you a guaranteed monthly rent, and also offers additional income opportunities thanks to the popularity of your charging station.

Be supported by a reliable French recharging operator

Dream Energy has been a renewable energy producer since 2007, with more than 70 photovoltaic and hydraulic power plants supplying renewable electricity to its charging stations. The company owns its energy production assets, all of which are located in France, guaranteeing energy independence and full traceability.

Which offers are right for your site?

  • FIRST Offer - For parking lots of less than 1500m².

Dream Energy's FIRST range offers ultra-fast chargers with a minimum of 4 charging points. This offer is very popular with businesses wishing to equip their parking lots with 4, 6 or 8 fast charging points. Electricity for the charging stations comes from Dream Energy's own hydroelectric and photovoltaic power stations.

  • UPGRADE offer - For parking lots larger than 1500m².

Dream Energy's UPGRADE offer includes the same superchargers as the FIRST offer, with the addition of a photovoltaic production and storage system for locally-produced renewable energy. For parking lots larger than 1500m², Dream Energy can also provide support for recharging only, with photovoltaic shading as an option.

How can you benefit from Dream Energy's support?

  1. Contact Dream Energy to discuss your project for a public charging station in your outdoor parking lot.
  2. Dream Energy will carry out a feasibility study and propose a suitable commercial offer.
  3. Dream Energy is responsible for all administrative formalities, electrical connection and civil engineering work, at its own expense.
  4. Your supercharger station is commissioned, while Dream Energy takes care of operation and maintenance.

The LOM law represents a unique opportunity for companies to embrace sustainable, environmentally-friendly mobility practices. Dream Energy is proud to support companies in their energy transition by offering innovative solutions that meet the requirements of the LOM. Together, let's build a greener, more sustainable future for corporate fleets. Contact us today to discover our tailor-made solutions.

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