Going electric in 2023, good or bad idea?

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Clean power January 4, 2023

Always more efficient and comfortable... Dream Energy makes you discover the main advantages of the electric car! 🚗🔋

Every year, more and more motorists are choosing a zero-emission vehicle.

But then, why did they make this choice? Today the Dream team presents four good reasons to go electric. 💡🚗🔋

1. Mobility brought to the forefront ⚡

Since the electric car is a clean vehicle, it is valued on the road and especially in the city

In fact, in the Paris region, you have access to places reserved for EVs and not just charging points. There are also plans to allow electric vehicles to use bus lanes.

Moreover, having a clean car allows you toaccess restricted traffic zones. In large cities in particular, during periods of heavy pollution, alternating traffic is sometimes implemented. Electric cars are therefore not affected.

2. A vehicle more reliable than your smartphones 🚨

Battery degradation is much slower than on your phone. Most vehicles lose less than 10% of their range after 10 years of use or several hundred thousand miles. This makes their life comparable to or even better than that of conventional cars, especially since there are fewer parts that can fail.

An electric car won't do the head gasket trick... This will also reduce the environmental footprint of these vehicles.

3. Your wallet will thank you...

With the price of gasoline and diesel fuel continuing to rise, many of you are wondering if it would be more cost effective to switch to electric. 🤔

It's time to get out our calculator and see how much cheaper an electric vehicle is to run compared to a car running on diesel or unleaded. Let's take a simple example:

  • Price per liter of gasoline: about 1.50 euros
  • Vehicle fuel consumption: 6.0 litres/100 km

Fuel price for 100 km driven = 9,00 euros

  • Price per kWh of electricity at a charging station: about 0.18 euros
  • Vehicle consumption: 20 kWh/100 km

Price of electricity for 100 km driven = 3.68 euros

With a difference of more than 5 euros per 100 kilometers, an electric car pays for itself more quickly than a conventional vehicle... ✅ And that's even if you opt for fast recharging, for example on long highway trips.

And if you're doubting with the rising price of electricity, know that at Dream Energy, we produce our own 100% renewable electricity. 💧⚡

Therefore, the price per Khw in our charging stations does not depend on the global price of electricity!

4...And the environment too! 🌱

Finally, the last advantage we can mention for an electric car is its environmental impact. It is much less than a thermal car. 

EVs are indeed much cleaner since they do not emit CO2 or particles. This contributes to better air quality. ♻️

The most telling figure is this: if we take into account the entire life cycle of a vehicle, an electric car has an ecological impact 2 to 3 times lower than that of a combustion car. ⛽🌍

So there are many reasons to go electric.

So don't wait any longer, go electric!

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