6 Tips for successful long-distance electric car journeys this summer!

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Guide July 27, 2023

Take your electric car on vacation with peace of mind, thanks to our practical tips for successful long-distance travel.

With summer in full swing, talk of long-distance electric car journeys for vacations is back on the agenda. However, worries about fast charging and finding the right charging stations can make the electric adventure less straightforward. Don't worry, at Dream Energy we're here to advise you too! Discover our essential tips for stress-free electric vehicle travel.

1 - Plan your itinerary carefully

For stress-free driving, plan your itinerary in advance, taking into account the charging stations available along your route. Thanks to tools such as Chargemap, Waze or our website dream-energy.fr, you can easily locate the fast charging stations that will enable you to quickly recharge your electric vehicle throughout your journey.

2 - Optimize your recharge times intelligently

Turn your recharging time into an opportunity to relax or sightsee. Give yourself well-deserved breaks every 2 hours of driving, and take advantage of nearby services if available, while your car recharges. With our Dream Energy superchargers, just 20 minutes could be enough to regain maximum autonomy and get back on the road with peace of mind!

3 - Adopt your driving style

To optimize the range of your electric vehicle, drive smoothly and at moderate speed. By anticipating slow-downs, limiting the use of the brake and smoothly adjusting your speed, you preserve your battery's charge and enjoy more economical driving.
During deceleration and braking phases, an electric car can convert part of its kinetic energy into electric current to recharge its battery.

This practice can provide a few extra kilometers of autonomy, which is often appreciable, but it's essential to understand how it works in order to reap its full benefits.

4 - Manage your battery with care

In hot summer weather, heat can slow down the recharging of your electric vehicle. To avoid this, consider preconditioning your battery for better performance. Recent models of electric vehicles feature this thermal management function via coolant. Thanks to this pre-conditioning, your vehicle will maintain optimum battery temperature, enabling faster, more efficient recharging.
Another important point is to make sure you arrive at recharging points before the battery is completely discharged, to prevent any uncomfortable situation. To preserve your battery's long-term durability, it's advisable to maintain your electric vehicle's charge between 20% and 80%. This will optimize your electric car's range on long journeys this summer.

5 - Choose the right charging power for your vehicle

It's crucial to choose the right charging power for your vehicle. In fact, a vehicle with a large battery can generally require high recharging power. So it's a good idea to go for a supercharger with a power rating of over 150kW to reduce charging time.
Conversely, a vehicle whose power rating is limited to 50kW won't necessarily need to plug into a 300kW charging point if other, slower charging points are available nearby.

As a reminder, the "kWh" corresponds to the unit of measurement of the size of your battery (on the same principle as a liter of petrol, but without carbon emissions 😊). As for the "kW", it corresponds to the speed at which your battery can recharge.

At Dream Energy stations, all vehicles are welcome. We offer a range of charging stations from 22 kW to 300 kW, so you can choose the right power for your car and recharge efficiently.

6 - Choose suitable destinations:

Choose destinations with well-equipped charging stations to make your electric journey even more enjoyable. Many hotels and supermarkets now offer electric charging stations to meet the needs of eco-responsible travelers like you!
In some cases, it's important to bring your own personal charging cables to connect to public slow charging stations when you don't have superchargers with integrated cables nearby.

You're finally ready for long, stress-free journeys

With these valuable tips in your pocket, your long electric car journeys this summer will be real travel experiences to share with your friends and family. Enjoy your vacations with confidence, spending less time at the terminal and more under the sun. Happy electric driving! 🚗⚡☀️

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